Saturday, September 26, 2009

A tribute to Mummy!!

Today while coming to work a kid and her mother got into the same auto as me. They were accompanied by another lady.
She kept asking the girl to hold onto something or sit on her lap, the little girl wanted to stand. The lady looked at the mother worried… the mother gave a don’t bother expression.
One would think how uncaring the mother is. But no one knows their child better than a mother.
As soon as the rick started, the girl cried and asked her mother to take her in her lap. In a moments time she was as happy.

The relationship each child bears with his/her mother is so special.
We fight with her, we laugh with her, we cry with her but all in all we love her & she loves us like no one does!!

The umbical chord gets cut when we take birth but the bonding can never be cut!!