Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sensory play for S!!

I've been seeing a lot of emphasis being put on sensory play for babies and kids around the internet. It looks fun. It makes me wonder we dint have any such fancy sensory play activities while growing up .. but I feel we were allowed to play in dirt ... go around gardens ... explore stuff at home ... nowadays parents are more reluctant about letting kids play in mud. Hmmm let me not try to draw comparisons.

I like the ideas I see online and wanna let my baby try them. So yesterday we did painting...

There was this simple recipe of mixing flour, food colouring and water to form a paste and that's what I went with. ( I've found a better one today at Learn Play Imagine which is cooked and can be stored)

So here's how it went.
I set her up with 3 colours red, yellow, green and a piece of cardboard on an old plastic sheet of hers.
You can see enjoyed herself completely and painted her leg too!

Here's the end result:

Thursday, April 03, 2014

My first quilled earings

My lo was tired and slept early last night. Had some time at hand so tried quilling and the result is below! I loved them

This is me with the earrings on

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some other bakes

 Whole wheat cake for Srishti's first birthday as per hindu calendar

Chocolate brownie cake for hubby's birthday a couple of years back

 Apple crumb pie

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

I made these cookies for valentine's day this year! They are Figolli cookies decorated with icing sugar. I had found this recipe here. I changed it to use whole wheat flour instead of plain flour. Also i had a mixed nuts powder ( almond, walnut, pistachio, kaju, dry dates) handy so used the same. My decoration is not that neat .. looks a lil messy but turned out yummy!

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Playdough for my lo

I had heard of homemade playdough and wanted to give it a shot. It was a simple recipe I found online. Here's the result.

 Hand prints of my lo

Dough uncle :)

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Quilled Birthday Card for Hubby

I wanted to make something special for my hubby. Quilling was my new attraction at that time and I was looking at making something different, something special than the normal quilled cards. I came across a beautiful tent card made by Inna
I made it with roses instead of fringed flowers, for which I had found a tutorial on youtube.
My work was not as great as her's but it was still good and satisfying :)

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!


T-shirt painting

I had painted these t-shirts with some fabric sketch pens for my then boyfriend now hubby.

That's me in a saree. There was an exhibition in office for which they were displayed. 
Oh 2 of those t-shirts were mine

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Crochet mat

Looks like tonight I am going to complete all my backlog ... hehe :) 
Here's a crochet mat I had made by joining 49 granny squares.

 Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Some candles

I had made these candles long back... Guess I was in hibernation from blogging :)
I had used gel wax and moldable wax both of which I had bought from Hobby Ideas

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!

Quilled creations

I'm looking at my pictures and I realize that there are pics of my art attacks that I have not posted. I made them while I was carrying. 

 Quilled gift tags

 Teddy bear


 Fringed flower

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!


Time to kick back some creativity into life

I've been blessed with a little angel over a year ago. Having a child is a mixed bag ... dont get me wrong I am really enjoying seeing my baby grow! It takes away a lot of ones time... the free time i used to get after getting back from work, the times when I used to manage to do some creative/arty stuff. I'm trying to regain the balance and hopefully will be able to do some more creative and self encouraging activities!

Pics of my lil angel taken by my bro's friend at their post-graduation convocation

Life is a gift, Enjoy it!!