Monday, October 18, 2010

Happiness by oneself?

Some days back I had this thought -
Ones happiness lies within oneself.
It depends on the thoughts one chooses to brood upon.
If you choose to think about happy memories, you can lift your spirits and keep yourself happy.

This said is it really easy to control ones thoughts?
I guess not but it really is the determination to keep oneself happy that will help.

Friday, January 08, 2010

!! Emotions !!

This is something I had written sometime back … it’s a little crude I guess …

Emotions are such beautiful feelings, one goes through …

they make you smile, laugh, cry, talk let you pour your heart out.

The emotions one is going through easily get painted on your face.

They bring so many different colors to life.

Anger, scare, jealously, happiness, excitement, boredom, sadness, dull …

each emotion can be seen as a different color.

Thus making our life colorful & eventful at the same time!

Sometimes these feelings are so complicated to understand,

however if we pay a little attention to our self when we are filled with a particular shade

we can possibly better understand our self &

thus express our emotions in a better and controlled manner.