Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sensory play for S!!

I've been seeing a lot of emphasis being put on sensory play for babies and kids around the internet. It looks fun. It makes me wonder we dint have any such fancy sensory play activities while growing up .. but I feel we were allowed to play in dirt ... go around gardens ... explore stuff at home ... nowadays parents are more reluctant about letting kids play in mud. Hmmm let me not try to draw comparisons.

I like the ideas I see online and wanna let my baby try them. So yesterday we did painting...

There was this simple recipe of mixing flour, food colouring and water to form a paste and that's what I went with. ( I've found a better one today at Learn Play Imagine which is cooked and can be stored)

So here's how it went.
I set her up with 3 colours red, yellow, green and a piece of cardboard on an old plastic sheet of hers.
You can see enjoyed herself completely and painted her leg too!

Here's the end result:

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