Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leisure thoughts

Once when some leisure time I had,

Remembering the old trips I sat,

With color pencils in my hands,

This is what i drew

And here's what my friend wrote when she saw this piece of art:

As the blue skies darken,the clear waters beckon,
Miles have I to go, days before I alight on the shore.

A hope that the distant land,has promises galore.
the hope that has led me leave my homely shores.

Leaving aside all despairs of the past,
Have I sailed to make memories that last.

The world here was nice to be,
But mebbe the world out there will make a better me.

Miles have I to go, days before I alight on the shore,
Dreams, n promises n wishes all my future for me shall store.

Thanks Joe!


  1. ur friend seems to be better at penning down lines :P relax, i dint say ur lines wer bad :D

  2. isn't it a too long a break? I think you should resume...

  3. In one of those leisure thoughts, I remembered your birthday....
    I'm sooo sorry. Belated hapy birthday. will cal u sometime. where are you nowadays? reply on mail. posted here so u know that i read ur blog.