Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking a break!!

Yeah that's what I am doing right now ... taking a break!
A break from work only to keep myself busy with other more interesting activities.

Since I moved countries after I quit my job, the first week of my break went in setting up my new house ... buying stuff for the house. It was a lot of roaming around the town centre of Ipswich. Thankfully its a known place .. I've lived in this town before and believe me nothing has changed in the past 4 years.... coincidentally I am living in the same apartments as before (different flat though)

Somewhere around my second week I started missing work so badly that I downloaded java & eclipse and started doing some mock projects. Suddenly I remembered the words of one of my colleague at work who had told me "Everyone wants a break ... you are lucky to get a chance so enjoy it".
Well so here I am trying to do stuff that I would not get a chance to do with a hectic work life.
I'm crocheting ( I know I know this I did even when I was working ... but more of it now) , cooking, baking (most of you who know me know that I dint enjoy cooking but guess what now I do :) ) , and yes of course blogging!

Here's to some old & new passions and enjoying the break!!

Take Care


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  2. Mock project !!! good you kept that away and took up blogging (& other activities) quickly.
    Enjoy :)

  3. Hey Pari...nice post..enjoyed reading it even though you told me about this over the phone :P